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How Spouses Cope with Chronic Pain

Taking on the role of caregiver is all too often placed upon an individual due to uncontrollable circumstances. When put in the position of being caregiver, there are certain suggestions that may help caregivers cope when their spouse develops chronic pain.

Finding the Right Doctor

Researching different doctors to find the most optimal match may be the first step. A list of doctors should be made, and both the caregiver and spouse should go through the list. The top 3 doctors should be selected, and appointments should be made for each so that multiple opinions may be given.

Once appointment day arrives, caregivers should follow these suggestions:

  • Dress nicely
  • Make it known that they are the caregiver
  • Take notes
  • Be prepared with questions

Questions that should be asked to the doctor:

  • Doctor’s experience with pain management
  • Doctor’s philosophy on pain management
  • Methods of pain management that they offer
  • Number of doctors on site
  • Best way to make appointments
  • Point of contact Doctor or physician’s assistant

Day-to-Day with Chronic Pain

Since change will happen quickly, here are a few tips to help with the transition:

  • Create a list of all medications
  • Note the time of day for taking medications
  • Create a rapport with your local pharmacist
  • People should be sure to listen and acknowledge the struggle faced by their spouse

The caregiver should remember to not forget themselves:

The road ahead of both caregiver and spouse will be long but they should not be discouraged down the road. Though the caregiver should show compassion to their spouse, they should not judge themselves harshly when feelings of hopelessness surface. While it is important for a caregiver to look after their spouse, they should not forget to treat themselves well in the process.

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