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Carolina Pain Scrambler treats neuropathic pain (pain that has a nerve component) and peripheral neuropathy with the Calmare Pain Scrambler device. This non-invasive technology transmits a “non-pain” signal though disposable electrodes on the surface of the skin. These electrodes deliver the “non-pain” signal to the surface nerve receptors and replace the pain impulse. This scrambles the chronic pain transmission signal so the nerve doesn’t transmit the pain signal but instead transmits the “non-pain” signal. Over time, the nerve forms a new “non-pain” signal pathway that becomes dominant.

The Carolina Pain Scrambler Center can deliver pain relief in one treatment but the best result is cumulative treatments over 10 sessions. Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes. The pain-free interval can last up to several months. Periodic booster treatments may be needed for any recurrence of pain (results may vary).

Neuropathy Treatments, Pain Relief, Pain Therapy, Chronic Pain, Carolina Pain Scrambler, Greenville SC
Chronic Pain, Pain Therapy, Pain Relief, Neuropathy Treatments, Scrambler Therapy, Carolina Pain Scrambler, Greenville South Carolina

Conditions We Treat

Calmare Therapy

Calmare Therapy, also known as Scrambler Therapy, is a non-narcotic, non-invasive procedure for the treatment of chronic pain.

A “no pain” message is transmitted to the affected nerve through disposable surface electrodes that are applied to the skin in the region of the patient’s pain. The perception of pain no longer exists when the “no pain” message replaces the pain by using the same pathway through the surface electrodes in a non-invasive manner. The patient’s pain intensity can be completely diminished for immediate relief of their condition.

The maximum benefit achieved through Calmare Therapy often is achieved with multiple treatments. The patient may be able to experience long-lasting relief between subsequent treatments while enduring significant pain control. The time period between each treatment can depend on the underlying cause and severity of the pain as well as other factors.

Several benefits from Calmare Therapy can help patients better manage their condition and feel a better quality of life. These include its non-invasive, painless treatment approach, ongoing pain control, immediate pain relief, and no adverse side effects of opioids and other drugs commonly prescribed for various pain conditions.

Calmare Therapy is a highly effective treatment for pain and provides long-term results, an important benefit for patients and physicians alike. Clinical studies have illustrated that this treatment successfully reduces pain in more than 80 percent of patients treated with Calmare Therapy.

Our Approach

Our patients are comfortably connected to the Calmare Therapy device with small surface electrodes – similar to those used during EKG and other medical procedures – that are applied to the patient’s skin in the area where the patient is experiencing pain. When the device is turned on, it sends a very low current of electrical stimulation through the nerve fibers that carry a “no pain” signal to the brain. This signal basically overrides the previous pain signal.

After a series of treatments with Calmare Therapy, the patient’s pain is gradually decreased, allowing the patient to participate in more daily activities and enjoy a better quality of life.

We administer Calmare Therapy because it has been shown to be effective in treating chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain that is different from other pain management treatments. It is a non-addictive treatment that has no harmful, potentially fatal, or adverse and addictive side effects that may be linked to other treatments such as painkillers.

We treat many patients who experience pain as the result of a number of conditions, including chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN), chronic cancer pain, failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS), sciatic and lumbar pain, post-surgical neuropathic pain, lower back pain, and chronic neuropathic pain.

Neuropathy Treatments, Chronic Pain, Pain Therapy, Pain Relief, Carolina Pain Scrambler, Greenville SC
Nerve Pain Treatment, Pain Relief, Chronic Pain, Chronic Pain Therapy, Pain Therpy, Neuropathic Pain Therapy, Greenville SC

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There are many conditions that we treat here at Carolina Pain Scrambler Center, and we provide the best in the Upstate. With the Calmare Therapy, we can provide instant chronic pain relief, sometimes in one treatment, but we prefer our patients to take at least 10 sessions instead. These sessions provide the best results that can be obtained over the 2-6 month period. If you want to set up an appointment with us please contact us by clicking either of the buttons down below.