The Calmare Scrambler

The Calmare Scrambler Therapy device, which treats nerve pain, was developed by Professor Giuseppe Marineo, a researcher and bioengineer, and the founder and manager of Delta Research & Development. Delta R&D is the Bioengineering Research Centre affiliated with Tor Vergata University of Rome, Italy.

The device, which uses a biophysical rather than a biochemical approach, uses a multi-processor able to simultaneously treat multiple pain areas by applying surface electrodes to the skin. The device creates and sends a no-pain signal which becomes the dominant signal received by the brain, thus overriding the pain signal and providing pain relief for the patient.

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Why is it useful?

The Calmare scrambler therapy device has since received FDA clearance in the United States for use in patients experiencing pain from cancer and chemotherapy, pain as a result of chronic diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis, back and neck pain, failed back surgery syndrome, and phantom limb pain among others.

Thousands of patients have been successfully treated with Scrambler Therapy Treatments in Europe and the United States, and awareness of this therapy is growing quickly. FDA cleared in 2009, Scrambler Therapy (also known as Calmare Pain Relief Treatment) offers pain relief and control without the side effects of opioids or other drugs. There is simply no other treatment for neuropathic pain that is this effective or safe.

Fourteen US states now have clinics, and more than 12 US military hospitals are using the therapy. Research is ongoing but consistently shows that Scrambler Therapy is safe and highly effective. Over 80% of patients treated have a reduction in their pain. Some patients are pain-free permanently after the initial 10-12 sessions, but for many, the maximum benefit comes from follow up treatments as needed. These follow-up treatments are often months apart, consist of only 1-2 sessions, and the intervals between the treatments typically increase as well.

The Calmare Therapy device has been used to successfully treat more than 7,000 patients across the world and has been shown to be effective in treating neuropathic and oncologic pain.

Calmare Scrambler, Neck Pain Relief, Chronic Pain, Pain Therapy, Carolina Pain Scrambler, Greenville SC
Chronic Pain, Pain Therapy, Calmare Scrambler, Nerve Pain Treatment, Carolina Pain Scrambler, Greenville SC