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Pain Scrambler MC-5A Scrambler Treatment

It is state-of-the-art pain treatment instrument accredited by US FDA(2009), EU CE(2008), and AMA(2011) that is effective to chronicle pain.

Characteristics of Pain Scrambler MC-5A Scrambler Treatment

Pain ScramblerPain Scrambler MC-5A Scrambler Treatment is innovative pain treatment method especially for incurable chronicle pain treatment, besides neural pain and chronicle pain. is invented. Generally it applies to patients who are either dumb to all formal pain treatment and medicine treatment or careful of side effect of medicine, has no side effects, and can be expected to direct effective treatment effect.

In present it is used in Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center) and Navy Camp Hospital.


Effective objects of Pain Scrambler MC-5A Scrambler Treatment

  • Incurable chronicle pain despite of various conservative treatment
  • Continuous post-operative pain
  • Chronicle pain in neck, waist, and joint
  • Neural pain in hipbone, radiating pain
  • CRPS(Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)
  • Phantom pain of amputee
  • Peripheral neural disease caused by chemical treatment
  • Fibromyalgia Syndrome, etc


Principle of Pain Scrambler MC-5A Scrambler TreatmentPain Scrambler 2

It cures and controls pain through Max 5.5 mA electronic shock that generates artificial neuron to recover distorted pain recognition


Treatment Method of Pain Scrambler MC-5A Scrambler Treatment

  • Takes around 40 min for each treatment
  • practices treatment 10 times for everyday
  • Early regular treatment maximize effectiveness
  • Pain diminish and effect of painlessness continue for long duration after treatment
  • In case of disease with anatomical and structural problem, root cause treatment is mandatory.
  • In this case, you should utter to medical staffs before treatment.
  • -Patients with artificial cardiograph transplantation
  • -Medical history in cerebral aneurysm clip/coil surgery, arrhythmia,  pregnancy, myocardial infarction

Cautions after treatment

  1. Pain diminish stair in treatment duration.
  2. Even if pain had disappeared, do not over-move right away. It has to increase motion gradually because disease causing pain take time to be recovered completely.
  3. You might feel unrecognized remained pain after recovery of heavy pain. Remained pain due to primary pain arises so that continuous treatment is needed to accomplish effect.
  4. Sometimes pain could be increased for some hours, however, it is treated in the process of Pain Scrambler MIC-SA Treatment.

Worldwide attention from media oversea

Pain Scrambler 3WSA UTAH State TV KSL-TV 5 News(2011.03.16)

“I gave up myself to live depend on crutches due to pain for my whole life. Till now nothing has been existed besides medicine. How incredible! It’s miraculous.”




Pain Scrambler 4NBC-TV 10 News USA Rhode Island State TV(2012.03.13)

“Till now I cured hundreds of patients and above 80% of them achieved effectiveness.    I was tortured for pain but all got cured after cancer treatment. It’s unbelievable.”



Pain Scrambler 5SBS News – TV

SBS Washington correspondent release       “Pain treatment without medicine”




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