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Scrambler Therapy: New, Drug-Free Treatment For Chronic Neuropathic, Cancer Pain

A new pain management therapy plays games with your nerve fibers: It sends non-pain information via electrodes placed on the skin to nerve fibers that have been receiving pain messages, blocking the transmission of pain signals.

That’s how scrambler therapy works, using a machine by Calmare Therapeutics Inc. — no drugs and not invasive — for outpatient treatment of chronic pain.

Dr. Ricardo Taboada, an anesthesiologist specializing in pain management at the Hartford Hospital Pain Treatment Center, talks about nerve pain treatment on WFSB.

Beth Garrison, a physician’s assistant at the Hartford Hospital Pain Treatment Center, explains how the scrambler therapy works.

Q: What type of conditions can you effectively treat using scrambler therapy?
A: We can treat chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy and generalized neuropathies such as diabetic Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and pain caused by damaged nerves.

Q: How does this therapy work to actually re-program pain?
A: Nerves pathways are how the body and the brain communicate. Calmare/Scrambler therapy actually reprograms transmission of the body’s pain signal through the nerve pathway so that the brain perceives it as reduced or no pain with the repetition of approximately 10 treatments.

The Calmare pain therapy device.

Q: Is this a one-time treatment or will it require a series of treatments?
A: If the patient responds to the initial treatment, and continues to have increased relief of pain by the third treatment, a series of 10 consecutive treatments is recommended with each treatment lasting 45-60 minutes.

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