Functional Abdominal Pain Syndrome Relief

Our son Colin suffered through 9 months of debilitating Functional Abdominal Pain Syndrome (FAPS) which led us to 6 ER visits, 2 inpatient hospitalizations, trips to countless specialists mostly with CHOA, medication trials, endoscopies, MRIs, brain scans, special diets, all with no relief, symptoms actually worsening – to the point of our child being hospital homebound and in a wheelchair. Then we found out about Calmare Therapy in Greenville, SC. Jeff did the daily trip for 10 days straight for Colin to get treated with Calmare Scrambler Therapy. And to our amazement – he was healed!!! ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN!! We could not believe it! Since then, we’ve had our family back, our son back, our sleep and sanity back. He is now back in school, in advanced classes, healthy, happy, playing football, basketball, track, doing fun tricks on his scooter pursuing his dream of being an NFL football player. We thought we’d be dealing with a life long sentence of pain (which was what doctors had warned us about and countless of FAPS children are suffering through right now) but thanks to CALMARE, we no longer suffer sleepless nights and the agony of a screaming child in pain every day.  And thank you Carolina Pain Scrambler for being so instrumental in helping heal our son!